Best Football Helmets For Kids 2020

With the number of helmets available in the market today. It’s a very tough job to pick the best football helmet for kids 2020.

You need to get a good helmet that prevents head and jaw injuries during intense gaming. The big question is, how do you get the right one?

So, which is why we have rounded up the 5 best football helmets for kids you can buy this year. 

We made this list based on the advanced features of today’s football helmet including TPU Cushioning, Helmet Stabilization System, Air Liner, Quick Release Faceguard System, Inflatable Jaw Pads, and more. 

Without further ado, let’s find out the list of best football for kids in 2020: 

Schutt Sports Vengeance VTD II Best Foot Ball Helmet For Kids

Underneath the high-quality Vengeance Shell, Schutt has modified the padding inside the liner to enhance the impact absorption properties. 

The results are jaw-dropping. The Schutt Sports Vengeance VTD II become the top-scoring football helmet in Virginia Tech’s Star evaluation system. 

This helmet registered a value of 0.108 – the lowest ever recorded, which takes its place at the top of Schutt’s 5-star rated helmets. 

Vengeance VTD II is one of the best football helmets for youth & adults, comes equipped with the latest generation of Schutt’s patented TPU cushioning system. 

To deliver better impact absorption while reducing the overall weight, the helmet features a single-layer TPU – a ribbed system constructed in one layer. 

In addition, the VTD II also features the patented Dual-layer TPU in the front portion of the helmet. 

Actually, the modification to the padding inside the liner has upgraded the absorption abilities. 

You will get a pillow-like feel through the SUREFIT® Air-Liner, which has a TPU outer skin with increased surface coverage – makes it ultra-comfortable. 

Beneath the TPU outer skin, it has added comfort foam, which creates a dynamic fit and gives long-lasting life. 

The patented Flexural Resistance Back Shelf Design is the icing on the cake – increasing overall strength and impact absorption in the rear of the helmet. 

You may wonder, how this helmet will tackle the side and front impacts? Well, it features Inter-Link Air Maxx TPU Jaw Pads that provide the impact absorption for the mandible and jaw area. 

There is also a great variety of football helmets available for adults. Check the variety of best football helmets for adults

The faceguard is organically inspired and intimidating by design, the Schutt Sports Vengeance VTD II comes equipped with an offset eyebrow design that increases the impact absorption abilities.

The problem here is, the facemask is not included in the price. You need to buy the facemask separately.

If you need a helmet that provides the ultimate safety and protection on the field, the Schutt Sports Vengeance VTD II is the one. 

  • Low Profile Helmet Shell
  • TPU Cushioning
  • Inter-Link Jaw Pads
  • SC4 Hard Cup Chinstrap
  • High Impact Foam Air Liner
  • Extremely Lightweight Construction
  • Enhanced Impact Absorption
  • TPU Outer Cushion delivers a soft pillow-like feel
  • Open Air-flow Inside
  • Surefit™ Airliner for a Snug Fit
  • CONS
  • Facemask Sold Separately
  • A bit Expensive
  • Xenith Youth X2E+ Best Football Helmets For Kids

    • ABS Plastic Shell
    • XE2+ Shock Absorbing Technology
    • Dual Density Comfort Pads
    • Repositionable 3DX Jaw Guard
    • Hybrid Chin Cup with Non-slip Interior Liner
  • Patented Head Protection System for a custom fit
  • FitBand® Silicon Band conforms different head shape & size
  • Optimal Response to Linear Impacts through XE2+ Shock Absorbing Technology
  • Shock Suspension System allows bonnet and head to move independently
  • Ergonomic Inner Band
  • CONS
  • Expensive
  • Durability is Questionable
  • Schutt Sports Youth Air Standard V 

    Another premium football helmet for kids on our list is, Sports Youth Air Standard V from the most trusted and reliable company Schutt. 

    Schutt Sports Youth Air Standard V comes equipped with an extremely comfortable inner padding, which makes it an excellent buy. 

    This headgear offers increased surface coverage within the helmet, comes equipped with an auto-adjustable comfort liner. 

    In addition to comfort liner, Sports Youth Air Standard V also features the Air Max TPU Jaw Pads that delivers the utmost comfort to players no matter how long they stay on the field.

    Besides being truly comfortable, the jaw pads are also durable, made of Vinyl material. 

    Another favorable benefit of the helmet is, it features ample space in between your head and the shell, which ensures that you have adequate room to breathe and moves well. 

    Besides these excellent features, you will notice the guaranteed snug-fit of the headgear.  Due to snug-fit, you need not worry about the helmet’s ability to deliver ultimate protection and support.  

    Moreover, the helmet is available in numerous sizes, so picking one that fits you perfectly is not that difficult. Different colors are also available including Scarlet, Black, White, and more. 

    On the negative side, the helmet does not include the facemask so you need to buy it separately. 

    Children are so irresponsible at a young age. While playing, their football helmets get dirty. They don’t know how to clean the football helmet. Here we are sharing the complete guide on How to clean a football helmet

    • Expanded Polypropylene Foam Padding
    • Sized Liner System
    • EVA Foam
    • Air Max TPU Jaw Pads
    • Soft Cup Chin Strap
  • Meets NOSCAE Standards
  • Vinyl Jaw Pads – Enhance Durability & Comfortability
  • Promotes a Snug Fit
  • High-Level Protection & Support
  • CONS
  • The Facemask needs to be purchased separately
  • Rawlings Momentum Plus Youth Football Helmet

    Rawlings Momentum Plus is one of the best football helmets for kids currently available.  

    What I like the most about this football helmet is, it features a similar shell design to the one used by NFL football players. 

    With a doubt, ABS Shell construction is highly durable and sturdy. Making it perfect protective gear for your kid. 

    One significant advantage of this youth football helmet includes its capability of adjusting to a distinctive size appropriately. It is mainly because of its rear inflation port, which allows you to adjust effortlessly. 

    The manufacturer provides a 100% guarantee that this helmet can fit players securely beyond the shape and size of heads. 

    Rawlings Momentum Plus also features the heat exchange technology and customizable fit liner, these features add more value to this football helmet. 

    It is constructed out of stainless steel. This characteristic sets it apart from other football helmets on the market. The solid construction promotes a high-level of product durability. 

    Aside from being water-resistant, stainless steel construction makes this football helmet rustproof. 

    The outer shell is made of ABS material, so I can say it also resists impacts in the best way possible. 

    Air Vents are designed in such a way that it can let the players stay cool during the intense gaming sessions. 

    The only drawback of this football helmet is, the price does not include the faceguard. You will have to buy it separately. 

    For the increase of knowledge, I would suggest you read the history of football helmets. You will get the basic knowledge of how football helmets are evolved

    • High Impact ABS Shell
    • Heat Exchange Technology
    • C3 Customizable Inflation Liner
    • Rear Inflation Port
    • Air Vents
  • Sturdy shell design
  • Highly adjustable
  • Aerodynamic
  • Customizable liner
  • Impact-resistant
  • CONS
  • Price does not include the Facemask
  • LIGHT Helmets Youth Football Helmet

    If you are on the hunt for the best football helmet for kids that is built to provide the greatest protection? Light’s Football Helmet is the one for you. 

    You know what? Light Football Helmet is engineered to absorb impact instead of simply redirecting it, as other traditional football helmets do. 

    It’s time to evolve the game with a headgear that is built to deliver the best protection available. 

    Get optimum performance with Light Football Helmet constructed from the lightest, yet sturdy materials. That means it helps you improve your speed and dexterity on the field. 

    The helmet comes equipped with the latest technology and high-quality materials used by the military. What interesting is, the Armor Foam Lining on the inside of Light’s Helmet is licensed by NASA and mostly used in Space travel.

    This sturdy, yet lightweight helmet features a Polycarbonate Shell and Chrome-Moly Facemask to balance the headgear, hence making movement easy on the field.  

    In addition, the facemask comes equipped with Light Helmet’s innovative Mask Clips, which gives you the cushioned impacts.

    If you’ve been trying to find a way to get optimum protection on the field, the Light Helmet is the ultimate solution. This helmet meets the NOCSAE standards and earned a 5-star rating from Virginia Tech. 

    The only drawback of this helmet is, it comes at a high price. So, not a suitable option for the people on the tight budget. 

    • Composite Polycarbonate Shell
    • Armor Foam
    • Light Chrome Molly Facemask
    • Sports Star ChinStrap
    • Energy Absorbing Facemask Anchors
  • Meet NOCSA Standards
  • 5 Star Rating from Virginia Tech
  • Lightweight
  • Absorbs Impact instead of Redirecting
  • Customize Fitment Inside
  • CONS
  • Expensive
  • Final Thoughts:-

    You need to understand that the best football helmets for kids come at a higher price. By the time, you will feel its worth once you notice that it has features capable of offering protection on the field.

    So, we recommend you to go for a really safe and high-quality football helmet for kids to keep yourself safe while playing a high-impact game like football.

    Let us enlist a few points, you should consider before picking up the best football helmet for kids in 2020:

    1. Safety:- Safety is the top priority. Pick a helmet that includes certification of the National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment (NOCSAE). 

    2. Comfort:- The best football helmet for kids 2020, guarantee optimum comfort. Make sure the highest level of comfort. Spend ample time checking the cushioning of the helmet. 

    3. Durability:- Don’t forget, how aggressive a football game can be at the development level. So, you must consider the durability of the outer shell to lessen the linear and rotational velocities. 

    Polycarbonate Material and Fiber Glass are popular due to their sturdy nature. 

    4. Inner Padding:- Make sure that the inner padding and liners are soft, convenient, and abrasion-resistant. High-quality inner padding gives you the freedom to play with enthusiasm and resilience. 

    5. Weight:- This factor is also related to a helmet’s comfort level. Avoid buying heavy helmets that are tedious to carry and wear. 

    Instead, buy a lightweight helmet that improves the head’s movement and your performance on the field.

    If there is a need to draw a sketch of a football helmet then check the step by step tutorial on how to draw a football helmet.

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