Familiarize Yourself With Helmet Law In California 2020

According to the Fatality Analysis Reporting System, in 2011, forty-six hundred people died in motorcycle accidents in the United States, highlighting a 217% increase from 1997. US Department of Transportation states, Motorcycles constitute less than 3 % of all registered vehicles in the United States, yet they account for 14 % of all traffic-related causalities. However, only … Read more

What Are Helmets Made Of? A Complete Overview

You choose your motorcycle helmet to protect your head every time you set-off for a ride. But have you ever questioned, What Are Helmets Made Of? Or what materials are used to construct a motorcycle helmet? A motorcycle helmet has two essential components, including a hard outer shell constructed with Polycarbonate or Fiber Glass or … Read more

How To Draw A Football Helmet Infographics – Step By Step Tutorial

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The History Of The Football Helmet

The football helmet is a piece of protective headgear used mainly in the American football game. It consists of a hard plastic outer shell with thick comfort padding on the inside, a face cover made of one or more plastic-coated metal bars, and a chinstrap. But have you ever wondered, what is the history of the football helmet? Or who invented the football helmet? … Read more

How To Clean A Football Helmet – Complete Guide

It is no secret, football players tend to sweat a lot during practice and in the actual game. Apart from the sweat, dust and dirt also accumulate, hence making football helmet a breeding ground for bacteria. You may wonder, proper ways on how to clean a football helmet? Remove the chin strap & inner padding. … Read more

Best Open-Face Helmets For Bikers In 2020

It is no doubt; sometimes, a full-face helmet can be suffocating, so a good alternative is an open-face helmet. The best open-face helmet defends your head, but your face is exposed to the external environment so you can enjoy the ride. And what interesting is –most of the open-face helmets exhibit a vintage ‘70s & … Read more

Why Wearing A Helmet Cause Hair Loss?

It is no doubt, riding a motorcycle certainly requires wearing a helmet for long hours. Unfortunately, prolonged usage of the helmet cause hair loss. You may wonder, why wearing a helmet cause hair early hair loss? The answer may surprise you. The research says, “Extended usage of the motorcycle helmet makes the hair roots move close to … Read more

Custom Motorcycle Helmets – Ultimate Guide

Are you on the hunt for custom motorcycle helmets? Or you are tired of owning the same-looking helmets; we have good news for you. In this ultimate guide, we will highlight the most innovative ways to customize motorcycle helmets. It will help you construct a specialized or customize helmet according to your preferences.  After considerable … Read more